1. What is Teff ? 
Teff is the tiniest grain in the world- the size of a poopy seed. It is a resilient crop that is both drought and flood tolerant, ideal for dry highlands like in Ethiopia.  Teff can grow where many other crops won’t thrive, and in fact can be produced from sea level to as high as 3000 meters of altitude.  Teff has become a lot more popular. It is now become one of the highly desired superfoods in the world market.

2. Why is it called ‘ancient? 
Teff was domesticated around 6,000 year ago. It has survived for centuries without any processing, has kept its nutritious value intact.  It is an honest grain that has kept its nutritional value. 

3. Are there different types of Teff?  What does it taste like? 
There are three types of Teff:  white Teff known as Ivory, red, and brown. Brwon Teff is classified by Ethiopians as black Teff. Teff is scrumptious. It has a mild nutty, light sweet and earthy flavour, and some say  it tastes similar to hazelnut.  Some find it has chocolate like, spicy fresh flavour.  You have to taste it to find your flavour.

4. Where does Teff grow? 
Teff is indigenous to Ethiopia, cultivated by over 6.5M farmers across the country. It is the staple food in Ethiopia- eaten three times a day for all the meals.  Because of its versatility, it is now being cultivated in mountainous Idaho, Kansas, Netherlands, India and Australia.

5. What are the benefits of Teff? 
In addition to being gluten free, Teff is one of the most nutritious grains packed with vitamin C. This vitamin is crucial for boosting our immune system and heart health. Additionally, teff is blessed with minerals such as iron- a vital mineral in the prevention of anemia,  Magnesium, Copper, Phosphorous, Barium and Thiamin. It is high in Calcium, more than any other grain. Calcium is extremely important for normal bone growth and integrity, which deplete significantly as one grows old. High concentrations of Copper is found in teff;  great for energy production, nervous system function, and red blood cell creation. Teff is high in protein, hence used for energy production. It enhances athletes performance and endurance.  Overall, teff is an excellent superfood for our wholesome health.

6. What can you make with Teff? 
We highly recommend to start your day with Teff! It makes the perfect pancake, waffle and muffin, bread.  You can make a fast, filling creamy porridge dressed with berries, coconut milk with honey, or sprinkle of coconut sugar. Teff has become celebrities superfood,  most make smoothies dressed with fruits of liking, and honey.  It is Heavenly! Teff is versatile, so why limit it to breakfast? You can bake it, make cookies, cakes, crackers, can also use it to thicken your soup with it!  Ethiopians make Injera with it- a fermented sour bread, and eat it with all types of dishes.

7. Who founded Ethio Organics? 
Ethio Organics is founded by three women, who have been friends for over 30 years. After years of talking about bringing Ethiopian native products to market, two years ago we did it. We are proud of our business, as it aims to market two of the most important crops- Teff and Coffee; native to Ethiopia. Currently, we are only marketing Teff. Eventually we hope to import premium grade coffee, and add  to our inventory of Ethiopian products at Ethio Organics.