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Teff - an ancient grain, most nutritious, filled with dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals

Teff is versatile and can be used for all baking goods






Injera - sour bread

Most nutritious grain: Teff

Teff is an ancient grain that is one of the most nutritious grain with dietary fiber, excellent in optimizing the digestive system, colon health, highly beneficial for people with celiac disease, and ideal for losing weight.

Teff grain is indigenous to Ethiopia, one of the most important grains for Ethiopian production and consumption. It is packed with essential nutrients, classified as the prime superfood, most sought after in the world market today.

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Hear from our happy customers!


This was our first time trying the Teff pancakes in our home and they were delicious! Perfect for folks on a vegan/ plant-based/ GF diet.


We also loved the fact that Teff is an ancient grain with many nutritional benefits in general. Thank you to friends for introducing us!

Joelle Lucas

Tasty, likely healthier than traditional pancake/waffle mix (higher protein content). I make waffles with it. It came out less dense and easier to work with than a buck wheat pancake/waffle mix I tried.

Alice Broughton

Delicious and Healthy! I loved this product. The instructions were simple and the waffles I made were crisp and delicious. And, unlike any waffles/pancakes I've had before, I had two waffles with a little fruit and was full until lunch time. I highly recommend it!

Richard Nunes

Good stuff!